Korean Journal of Family Practice

Table. 2.

Association between serum folic acid level and serum triglyceride level in Korean female

Triglyceride Multivariate model
Model 1 Model 2 Model 3
β (95% CI) -0.77
(-1.80 to 0.27)
(-2.89 to -0.65)
(-2.22 to -0.02)

CI, confidence interval.

Model 1 was crude. Model 2 was adjusted for age, income, education level, marital status, hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia. Model 3 was adjusted for current smoking, monthly alcohol intake, aerobic exercise and obesity in addition to the variables adjusted in Model 2.

β is the regression coefficient, and statistical significance is represented by 95% the confidence intervals and P-values.

Data from the 2016–2018 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Korean J Fam Pract 2022;12:167~172 https://doi.org/10.21215/kjfp.2022.12.3.167