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Fig. 1. An example of true negative results of artificial intelligence-based computer-aided detection (AI-CAD) in a 53-year-old female undergoing screening mammography. (A) Craniocaudal and mediolateral oblique mammographic images of both breasts reveal no suspicious findings suggestive of breast cancer. There were no significant changes observed in the follow-up examination 1 year later. (B) Lunit INSIGHT MMG (version; Lunit Inc.) and (C) Transpara (version 1.6.0; Screenpoint Medical) AI-CAD analyses did not indicate any abnormalities in both breasts. Lunit INSIGHT MMG provides a malignancy suspicion score between 0–100 at the breast level, assigning a score of 0 for both breasts in this imaging. Transpara provides a breast cancer risk score ranging from 1–10 in the 10th percentile range at the exam level, with this imaging receiving the lowest score of 1.
Korean J Fam Pract 2023;13:196~210